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If you’re feeling stuck, or simply feel like learning something new about yourself, We offer several programs for clients from all industries and backgrounds. Take a look at our offerings right here to learn more.


Community Support

Our Services

Grief and bereavement in children is sometimes a temporary experience that they get past, or it can linger and lead to mental health conditions like prolonged grief disorder. We provide grief education services to faculty and staff at schools to ensure children are receiving additional support and resources outside of the home. 


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Give Back

Can I Grieve loves going out in the community speaking to the youth about Grief. We enjoy working with the youth to help enhance their social/emotional skills. 

We also take pride in providing resource's and education to bring awareness about different diseases, and causes that affect the community.

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To book Ebony Gibson, please click the book now button and our administrative team will contact you soon. If you have any questions, please call (888) 912-5922 or email:


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Become a

Ebony Gibson, Owner of Can I Grieve University, would like to partner with you! It would be amazing to have you come alongside her to help execute change and support grievers in the community.

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Did you know?

54% of people struggle to find grief resources. 57% of those who lost
a parent during childhood report that support from family and friends
waned within 3 months, although it took an average of six years to
move forward.


The pandemic has introduced potential complications into the normal
processes of mourning, which could make it more difficult for people
to recover from their losses.


Millennials have grown up with increased divorce rates, frequent job
changes and constantly changing technology. For this reason, it's
possible millennials are able to adapt more easily to loss and manage
grief more effectively.

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